estate planning

Estate Planning

estate planning adviceNobody likes to think about death and what might happen to their families after they are gone. Most people prefer not to think about estate planning or inheritance tax, and in fact, it is estimated that 29.5 million people in the UK don't have a will.


What does Estate Planning involve?

Estate planning includes deciding who to leave your assets to after your death and how to do it in the most tax efficient manner. Getting expert advice on estate planning, tax relief and tax exemptions could not only save you and your family a considerable sum of money now but also avoid inheritance tax in the future. However, knowing about the potential problem is only the start. What you need to do now is make sure you take some action.


Our Estate Planning service

Our estate planning and inheritance planning advice is entirely confidential and we will:

  • Discuss your personal financial situation with you
  • Help you calculate whether or not you are likely to be liable for inheritance tax
  • Advise you on the best way to start transferring assets out of your estate now, taking advantage of the various tax reliefs and tax exemptions
  • Talk to you about some other specialist schemes, using trusts and investments that will allow you to stay in control of your assets and perhaps benefit from them if that is your wish, or
  • Help you to protect your estate from the costs of inheritance tax by taking out insurance to cover the estimated bill.

As independent Financial Advisers, we are duty bound to find our best financial products and plans to suit your personal circumstances from the whole market.